6-Pack Fight Club

The Dream

We want to blow **** up.

‘We’ are tired, instant-ramen eating students, overwhelmed by an impossible load of coursework.  We are mothers, attempting to sneak in a single game on the toilet between board meetings.  We are fathers playing with bleary eyes; dynamic, marble-eating progeny tucked in tight. We are professionals and artists and veterans and dreamers who journey nightly to the virtual shores of War Robots because we want to abscond from real life and blow **** up.  We want to blow **** up, hard.  This simple dream of ours has become just that–a faraway dream.

The Problem

The gulf between the haves and the have-nots widens rapidly as Pixonic persists in its relentless release of increasingly nuclear-like component weapons and robots.  The average player is unlikely to be in possession of dashbots, Shocktrains, or Scourges. The average player in ownership of the aforementioned items have probably purchased them with hard-earned, sweaty little piles of workshop points/gold, ground out in countless matches–thumbs bleeding, as their personal lives and hygiene deteriorated.  My first experience with a Shocktrain was a flash of light, then sudden, bewildering death.  The first death occurred as red spawn-raided my squad, so several more flashy blinks deaths followed and rapid succession.  I was less of a contender than an indiscreet fart in the wind!  Can I get an ‘amen’?  Aside from the weapons, we are besieged by tankers, clubbers, and bears, oh my!

The Solution – Fight Club

Lace your shoes and wrap your hands. The 6-pack fight-club scene is a throwback to more primeival time when skills, grit, and straight-thuggery were the bywords of the day. You can kill anything, in anything. Dust off ye olde Golems, Vityazes, and Natashas that elevated you to the gold league.  The level-6 cap on all weapons and bots is the great equalizer–Silvers are grinding facefuls of Orkans into Champs, Champs are polishing their beloved Punisher Griffs, and squadding across the whole Aurora Nation is now possible.

There is no whale or nOOb (well, there are still nOObs), just tasteful trash-talking and skill. If you cannot or do not have either of these things, you will acquire them quickly. Let’s take our game back! Let’s raise our collective middle fingers to money making schemes and play this game the way our ancestors meant us. See you in Fight Club.

Additional Notes: There is an official 6-pack tournament held by Rockwelder with both an Aurora iOs and Aurora Android presence. There is a monthly season, with end-of-the-year prizes. Those who wish to join the Android team should express their interest with a picture of their 6-pack hangar on the Android Tourney League Page, or contact Razor3642. iOs players can contact ATC-MOMO or express interest in Blackjade’s Lounge discord: https://discord.gg/A6jq6Un. Otherwise, just give a shout-out in the #iossquadfinding channel.


Written by: OptimusMime

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