An Interview with DeadlyFredly

Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hello all, DeadlyFredly here. My favourite persona name to date… Talking of which.. I’m allowed to write to you all as either Deadly or Fredly.. (Real Life or Persona).. I’ll go with Fredly, as the Deadly can be an asshole.. but with age I’m learning to leave him at home when I go out drinking:)

So Yes, I’m Fred. I see the previous short sentence as a ‘solo’.. as it is! No wife.. barely a girl friend and thankfully due to the stated situation, no kids either.. So yes just Fred. 42 yrs of age. Partial reasons for the stated are.. My fiancé passed away just one week after accepting my offer.. 12 yrs back.

Pretty shit at 32yrs, in the centre of your life, and it’s centre leaves you… pisssshk - just like that. But I’m not here to depress you all. Life happens. Never fear death. Its quite simply about placement and acceptance.

So.. what do I do..? what don’t I do.. ? Lets stick to the list of what I do (its much shorter).

I’m a musician by trade.. a pretty modest one.. a pretty shit one.. but I do remember peaking around the age of 9 - 14 yrs..winning numerous piano festivals - then like everything else in life.. I just found it pretty hard. But always enjoyed it. I don’t love it.. I only love Love. The rest of life I just enjoy. In my younger years I also blew a trumpet playing with various big bands.. I put it away for 10 yrs.. then got it out and wrote an album based around it (later mentioned as 4 Floors Up). I was fortunate enough to earn a Grammy nomination at the age of 22. I keep the medal in a draw.. a certificate in my studio.

I’ve been playing with a double or triple (I forget the number) Grammy nominated band called Acoustic Alchemy since leaving music college. It’s taken me to places such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Africa, Manila, USA and countless more.. I think the band now has 25 albums.. So we’re a family.

When I’m not travelling in the moment of playing all the right notes in the wrong order around the globe - I stay home and give private piano lessons. This I also enjoy.. It’s more about the meaning of life - the personal study of humanities’ ability to learn and live.. than to teach.. tho piano does come into it:) Being a (good) Teacher in life encompasses lots. I’ll leave that there.

I’ve a studio in the top of my house, not currently using it.. but I’ve lots of goodies invested into it.. I love analogue gear, old eq’s compression etc etc.. I like knobs. I’ve written and produced 2 album’s under the name of Balam (not a fan of using my real name for music). The first being a jazz groove based thing called 4 Floors Up. The 2nd, a Post Modern solo Piano project called Numbers. Both kicking around on Spotify and iTunes.. Just search Balam and the album titles if you’re interested.

Both album’s I’m proud of.

What sort of hobbies do you have?

I also used to love sport - Running, Badminton.. Though Rugby Union was my thing - I started at just 5yrs young, then by the age of 17 I learned an extra muscle had grown in my heart and had to stop playing to stay alive. I now quite like taking photos, people say I’ve an eye for it.. handy.

My fave country is NZ.. I’m not done searching.

Hobbies.. hmmm.. urrrgh… I love to walk for a pint.. this walk could be 5 mins.. it could take hours.. but the goal is a pint.. then drink enough pints to not remember that same walk home.

Other than that.. I’m not really a hobby guy.. (music takes up much space) I like doing jack shit.. but have a large heart in the right weather for Gardening.. I do love being in that place. Used to collect stamps.. had a great keyring collection.. but ya.. no more. I also invested some time and money into a MK 5 Golf GTI.. I lol.. yes ‘boy racer’ just something I had to do.. leaving me with a car than goes pretty fast and sits beautifully.. but never again, I’ve now ticked that box.. and will drive the thing into the ground in the name of saving the planet:)

Not into listening to jokes.. but love good humour.

I wasn’t born to work. I hate working.. I love my time. Time is precious how ever you choose to spend it.

What brought you to WR and when did you start playing?

No idea how I landed on WR. Just pleased I did. Came from lots of COD then even more Battlefield both on xbox. Managed top 10,000 on one Battlefield game rank. But haven’t being a big gamer aside form these.

WR has blown me away. Never loved and hated a game so much.

Memory for me is not good.. I spent 20 odd years smoking too much Weed. Now clean. I think I’ve been playing just over two years.

What do you think attracts you to a game like WR?

Always liked a shoot - em - up.

What platform and device do you play on?

IOS is my platform, iPhone 5 SE. TINY screen hahaha.. but I bought a pair of x1 magnification glasses from Aldi for £2.. way cheaper than a phone upgrade.

Incidentally - I’m from Yorkshire - UK. We are known for being tight with our money:)

What level are you at at the moment?

I’m a Champ. I want to stay at champ - don’t really wish to climb anymore:) But yes.. once a Champ always a Champ. No going back.

What’s your hangar like?

I got here by playing always an old school hanger.. running bots like Rog for as long as possible simply through enjoyment. Had some great support in AuSe along the way.. picking me up when I felt down.. but now.. no regrets.. Finally kicking ass. We all eventually find that positive cup place.. hard now to loose.. Love my current hanger which does nothing but Brawl.

What are your favourite bots and weapons?

My fave bot will always be Mender. Phantom tho is such an addition to the game. Mercury is my fave Titan whacker.. Surprising what it can do with a Rime, Glory and Shredder. Much respect. I also run AJ. And a Leech.. which is shit, its always been shit always will be.. but for now, its a must as I have it.

I like any gun that will fire when I hit the button. Shotguns. No timer.. I like avengers.. but they on a timer… Nerfs don’t worry me.. they affect everyone.

Do you have a favourite map and tactic?

My fave tactic is to go hard, but with an element of patience. The game is a teacher. All about reading it. Knowing when to punch and when to run.. one day I’ll be better. Until then I won’t give up.

Do you squad?

Squadding is cool.. but only enjoy 2 man. I have enough space to care and still play my own game. Very used to solo. Only ever played BR. The rest is a yawn.

What do you like/dislike about our discord community?

Discord is great. I log in daily.

Generally I should be more social in life.. but can’t be arsed.

Interview - Boldasluv! Feb 2020

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