An Interview with OptimusMime

Please tell us a little about yourself.

-if you gaze for any length of time on my thin and supple form, you will see that I have a lot of tattoos, which is not typical for an elementary school teacher. When parents come in for parent/teacher conferences, they think I’m the custodian, which is truly an insult to custodians everywhere.  I grew up in a really strict household, which has caused me to be mildly subversive and intractable as both a teenager and an adult. If I had gotten more hugs as a child, I’d probably have less tattoos. I am social, in intervals, showing up to an event and amplifying the social energy around me for 1/2 hour tops, then quivering at home with video games and books for the next 3 days. I both hate and love attention. I think my people—Filipinos actually have a biological adaptation that allows us to metabolize the shine of the spotlight.

What sort of hobbies do you have?

I try to surf twice a week, go to a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym, and read science-fiction books. I love learning about people’s life journeys, and spend a lot of time creating supportive communities, both in-game and in real life. 

What brought you to WR and when did you start playing?

I started playing WR when it was called Walking War Robots and thought the Aphid Patton was God’s gift to man. In retrospect, I see that my theology needed some work.  I actually didn’t know about clans and Discord until the PCL in my knee snapped from a jiu jitsu throw. With nothing to do, I discovered the seedy underbelly of video games and now slum it with all of you.

What do you think attracts you to a game like WR?

I am a huge fan of giant robots. I grew up reading the Robotech novels and watching Transformers cartoons.  Another huge draw for me is the amazing people and friends that I’ve made playing WR. I’ve made a few phone and Discord calls to people in my chapter to get advice on difficult social situations and Crimmins and I send each other books through the mail. A few people from Tolero actually physically met up and Facetimed me into the party.

What platform and device do you play on?

iPad Pro. It was a little over a grand and purchased it while telling myself it was for work, but it was really just for War Robots.

What level are you at at the moment?

On my main account I have level 8-9 stuff and on my starter account I have level 6 stuff. Unfortunately for my peewee account, both have risen to Master League. I am proud to say that I got to champion league for 3 days and grabbed 33cups.

What’s your hangar like? ( brawler, long range etc )

I have never progressed past the one-hangar system or machine guns. My favorite robot is a Punisher Spectre, and the second is the Ao Jun. I love shooting people in the booty when they’re preoccupied, so any robot with stealth, high level of mobility, or a mechanic that allows for a hasty retreat. It takes serious money to be able to stand and trade with people these days.

Do you have a favourite map and tactic?

In today’s meta it’s pretty dangerous to be somewhere without an escape plan, so I favor maps with lots of smaller structures to escape behind. My favorite tactic is still using lockdown ammo and machine gunning as you fluke jump backwards to safety.

Any thoughts about squadding?

I’m pretty social while gaming, so squadding gives me opportunities to catch up with people.   About 4–5 metas ago, it wasn’t uncommon for my Expert squad to beat Master squads (as well as the rare Champion squad).  I used to play a lot of 6 pack, a game where we reverted back to a 2016 version of War Robots, which forced us all to rely on teamwork and positioning.  Even when we lost, I think we all had a sense of accomplishment and purpose by carrying out our roles within the squad well.

What would you change in the game if you could? I’d rebalance the whole game. Robots that are paid for should absolutely have an advantage, but War Robots is in an arms race with itself that will probably end in nuclear powers. I’d make robots affordable, and quicker to upgrade. I’ve had robots sitting in the hangar for MONTHS before they were playable. I’d also like customizable skins. I’d have pink robots with rhinestones. Why did you join our discord server? I broke the PCL in my knee during martial arts sparring and all of sudden I had huge spaces in my day where physical activity used to be. I found Aurora Nova online and downloaded Discord. I heard RumRunner’s lilting accent, and the rest is history. And you guys are real weird. That’s my kind of people. What do you like/dislike about our discord community? 

Aurora is a safe haven from the rest of the gaming section of the internet, which can be a hostile, racist, sketchy place. People here are mature, kind, helpful, and supportive.

Why do you play War Robots ? I have a thing for giant robots. I grew up watching Transformers and reading Robotech novels. Plus, my dad is half robot from HIS dad’s side.

Interview by Bolsdasluv! 2020

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