Aurora Nova Welcomes the Android Army

Updated: May 20, 2018

The “Ândroid Ârmy”, a close-knit group of game-loving troublemakers, has joined the Aurora Nova family of clans.  The new chapter is “Aurora Âstra”.

“The transition happened smoothly and quickly and the welcome we have received has been fantastic,” reports Nemesis, clan officer. “It has opened a whole new set of exciting possibilities for our chapter and has already widened our friendship group dramatically.”

Nemesis added: “Tempest has been the driving force for the most part, which has kept us together as a close group of friends from Europe and the States, the core of whom started as simulator combat plane pilots, but we have also collected new members as we have travelled.”

The Ârmy isn’t new – years ago, the group completed beta testing and participated in the launch of Fighterwing 2, a combat flight simulator.  Small at first, FW2 became more popular and the Ârmy began communicating with in-game radio.  A free forum was introduced, which clan leader Tempest moderated.

“We had competitive factions but for the most part it became a more or less friendly place to chat about the game,” said Nemesis.  “We arranged competitions and themed battles; we were in frequent contact with the developer, who occasionally battled with us.”

The Ârmy decided to attack the common problem of trolls and hackers, forming a secret squadron called ‘The Wraith‘. The mission of this secret society was to have some fun trolling the trolls.  The Wraith conducted synchronised sweeping raids through the various battle rooms, having a laugh, causing mayhem and giving the hackers and trolls a taste of their own.  Nemesis has intimated that “a few” of The Wraith remain within Âstra, but declined to reveal their identities.

The Ârmy’s core group was regularly communicating by email, with some having met face to face.  They decided to explore other android games together.  Once they had established that War Robots was their new home, Tempest formed the Ândroid Ârmy and created an own private discord channel, which allowed a more convenient means of communication.

“We are proud to be members of the Aurora Nova clan whilst still being able to retain our individuality and maintain our identity as a group of friends from different walks of life from around the world,” said Nemesis.


Written by: Dr. Where y’at?

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