Aurora Nova is happy to welcome an S ranked clan to our family. Attracted by our sense of community, active squadding and comms, the new clan has taken the name Aurora Civitas. It will merge with members of Aurora Excelsis whose hangars and game play match the entry criteria of the new clan. Aurora Civitas is always happy to review entry applications from anyone in the War Robots gaming world.

This comes on the heels of big changes to the structure of Aurora Nova. Formerly our clans were based on time zones and league level - now they’re based on hangars and league level. This allows commanders to join a clan at their appropriate level and move up through the clans as their hangar and game progresses.

We’re putting more emphasis on being in discord, and hopefully our members will use comms in squadding as well. We aim to foster a sense of community, and create a space where people from all over the world can meet and interact in an atmosphere of acceptance, trust, and respect.

We try to listen to our members and offer support where needed, as well as adapting to the constant changes in the game.

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