The Changing Meta

Hello everyone Vorinklex here! With the edition of new pilots ever day and a constantly changing meta I wanted to write an article to give the less experienced pilots a foundation to build a hangar on. This list was compiled from my experience and the experience of many other Champion league players. These Robot rankings are based on the highest level of play so keep that in mind when reading. Hope you enjoy!

The S Tier

The S tier is comprised from the best of the best. Robots that are useful at filling multiple roles or dominate in theirs respectively.


Kicking off our list Ares was released in update 4.5 along with two other bots from its “pantheon pack”. These robots were fitted with a shield capable of blocking all damage. Being the most mobile, possessing the longest shield duration and arguably the most firepower Ares will soon be meta defining. The four built in weapons have a range of 500 meters so its capable of midrange support even with brawler weapons attached. A formidable foe it is easiest to kill Ares when it is caught off guard.

-Max HP MK2 147,600

-Max Speed 60 k/h

-Ability Absorption Shield and built in guns

-Ability Max damage (1755 x 40) + up to 92000 of damage absorbed


With the advent of lockdown weapons and the rebalance of update 4.3 Mercury has become a force to be reckoned with. Good firepower, decent speed and a stealth ability able to severely cripple multiple bots makes this the number one choice in FFA. When coupled with lock down weapons it can be a menace in coordinated team play as well.

-Max HP MK2 180k

-Max speed 48 k/h

-Ability helldive damage 63,900

-Stealth upon landing 5 seconds


Mender went from being a fun semi competitive bot to becoming a versatile staple in many hangars after update 4.3. With its above average speed, decent firepower and the ability to take 50% less damage while healing itself and teammates this bot has the ability to fill multiple roles. Whether you use it as a lead to cap center beacon, a backline healer supporter or a shotgun brawler this bot with excel at each role!

-Max HP MK2 186k

-Max Speed 53 k/h

-Ability Heal 22,200

-Damage reduction 50% for 6 seconds


The name Bulwark describes this bot perfectly as it is a walking fortress. Sporting two heavy weapons, an aegis shield capable of blocking all types of damage and a physical shield this bot can take a punch and give one back! Bulwark is a beast at backline combat but can also fill a brawler role reliably when equipped with exodus or avenger. Do not underestimate the power of this machine.

-Max HP MK2 228k

-Max Speed 45 k/h

-Ability protection aegis shield 136,800

-Physical shield 183,600

The A Tier

The A Tier makes up the biggest portion of bots that are competitive all the way up to champion league level of play. Powerful machines that can dominate the battlefield under the right circumstances but fall short of making the S tier because of exploitable weaknesses and nerfs.


Prior to update 4.3 the Spectre was the most feared bot on the battlefield, it has however since been dethroned. The Spectre boasts four medium weapons making it a powerful midrange support bot or cunning ambush assassin. Having the shortest stealth upon landing from all the stealth bots this bot needs to be played much more cautiously than the other descend bots. The spectre might not be the beast it used to be but make no mistake. It is still one of the best bots in the game.

-Max HP MK2 132k

-Max Speed 50

-Ability Decent Stealth jump

-Stealth upon landing 2 seconds


The Hades is part of the “Pantheon Pack” released in update 4.5 and shows promising competitive play. Although it is mostly overshadowed by the Ares it is definitely not a weak bot by any standards. With its ability it can become invulnerable for six seconds and equips a mounted gun that is powerful but hard to aim. One heavy and two light weapons seem to be the standard for meta bots these days and they give added utility to Hades.

-Max HP MK2 168k

-Max Speed 52 k/h

-Ability Retribution absorption shield and mounted gun

-Ability max damage (18760 x 3) + can be increased by 100% by incoming damage


The strider has been around for a while now but really hasn't had its time in the limelight. After recent updates, however, with the rebalance of the meta it has come into its place as possibly the best beacon capper. Although lockdown weapons stop this bot in its tracks they also help the Strider consistently secure beacons at the start of the game. Strider has versatile firepower and unrivaled mobility making it invaluable to any beacon rush Hangar.

-Max HP MK2 162k

-Max Speed 60 k/h

-Ability Dash x 5


Since its introduction in update 3.7 the Pursuer has been a menace on the battlefield. Unlike the other stealth bots Pursuer is not equipped with a jump drive but rather a speed boost made for hunting down prime targets. A very effective and highly sought after bot for FFA.

-Max HP MK2 162k

-Max Speed 66 k/h

-Ability Hunt +66% speed 10 seconds stealth


Nemesis is the final edition from the “Pantheon Pack” and is probably the weakest of the three when it comes to damage output. It's designed to be a midrange support bot and at that role it can do just fine against the other competitive bots. Its ability has the shortest invulnerability time but the shortest cool down. Overall a decent machine that can hold its own but lackluster in comparison to the rest of “The Pantheon”

-Max HP MK2 204k

-Max Speed 52 k/h

-Ability Retribution fours second Absorption shield and built in weapons

-Ability damage (2196 x 20) + up to 100% when damage is absorbed


Being the second stealth bot introduced into the game the Inquisitor has always had a place in the meta. Two medium and one heavy weapon coupled with the stealth jump ability (decent) make this bot deceptively dangerous. It might not seem like much in terms of speed and tankiness but having an Inquisitor descend upon you will often times result in staring at the bot selection screen soon after. A powerful machine held back only by its mediocre speed and HP.

-Max HP MK2 198k

-Max Speed 40 k/h

-Ability Decent

-Stealth upon landing 5 seconds


One of the most deadly and efficient beacon cappers in the game today. The hellburner, when piloted by coordinated teams, can make quick work of the opposition in beacon rush often times taking both opposing home beacons and some bots with them. Their presence in Champions League is becoming more and more prevalent and for good reason. Lock down weapons are a must have against this little beast.

-Max HP MK2 216k

-Max Speed 60 k/h

-Ability Overload 100% speed

-Ability Damage 71,700


Once upon a time when the Korean bots were released they dominated the meta and none could withstand their onslaught. That time has long since passed but they retain a presence even in the highest level of play. Haechi has mediocre speed but the added mobility of its two dash charges make it a good ambush killer. Three medium weapons give it versatility on the battlefield and a built in energy shield some added survivability. A tactical bot not to be underestimated.

-Max HP MK2 171,600

-Max Shield 70,800

-Max Speed 43 k/h

-Ability Dash x 2


Bulgasari was once considered the most dangerous bot in the game. High HP values along with a very reliable shield and good mobility made it a dominating force in Champion league. Since the nerf to its base HP and shield strength in update 4.3 coupled with the introduction of more mobile machines and bulky tanks Bulgasari has fallen from the top tier level. Still it is a bot that can not be taken lightly on the battlefield. It is capable of absorbing considerable amounts of energy damage and dish out its own.

-Max HP MK2 210k

-Max Shield HP 260,400

-Max Speed 40 k/h

-Ability Dash x 2


The Falcon has been going through some changes as of late. It started off with one heavy and two medium weapons but has since been buffed and changed to three heavy weapons. It has the ability to be either a bulky tank or a glass cannon. It has average speed and an average HP value but it can fill some niche roles on the battlefield and in the right hands can surprise and dominate the enemy.

-Max HP MK2 186k

-Max Speed 50 k/h

-Ability fangs out (Active 3 heavy weapons) (Non-Active 66% damage resistance)


The Fury is the oldest bot in the A Tier and one that will most likely always find a place in the meta. Being the only bot capable of carrying three heavy weapons at once it has unrivaled firepower. It might be slow and vulnerable but with good positioning and team coordination it can pick apart entire teams. Being on the receiving end of this bot can be davastating if not dealt with on time.

-Max HP MK2 228k

-Max Speed 38 k/h

The B Tier

The B Tier is made up of all the bots that have only fringe amounts of champion level play or niche spots in the meta. This is not to say these bots can't be effective in certain circumstances, they are just outclassed in their respective roles or weaker in comparison to other bots higher on this list.


Blitz is a bot that made waves on the test server but fell short of the competitive tier on the live server. On paper this bot looks like it could easily make the A tier with its play style being very similar to the Pursuer. Four light weapons are no joke and the ability to basically negate all damage from a target seems good in theory, but mediocre speed and HP make this bot very vulnerable when not using the ability. Also landing the ability on an enemy doesn't stop his teammate from vaporizing you.

-Max HP MK2 156k

-Max Speed 45 k/h

-Ability Aegis shield, 100% speed and 75% damage reduction for 9 seconds

-Aegis Shield Max 60k


The Invader is another one of the suppression bots that looks decent ok paper but fell short of being competitive. Invader has very high HP and decent speed but its spider legs get caught up on everything when you are jumping or moving. Its role on the battlefield is to jump onto groups of enemies and suppress their damage but with only its two light and one medium weapons, after suppressing multiple targets it still struggles to take down more than one. A decent bot in FFA but much too awkward to be among the most competitive in team play.

-Max HP MK2 342k

-Max Speed 40 k/h

-Ability Incursion jump with a damage debuff of 75% for 5 seconds


The Rayker is The third bot in the line of suppression bots but is in a very awkward place. Its role is unclear as its ability has a 600 meter range but it lacks the firepower to fill a sniper or midrange support role. It also has an average HP stat and decent speed but no form of mobility or protection so its role as a brawler is also unreliable. This does not automatically mean that the Rayker can't be a force on the battlefield it's just hard at times to make use of its as effectively as other bots.

-Max HP MK2 180k

-Max Speed 60 k/h

-Ability Glance 600m projectile reduces damage by 75% for 5 seconds, two charges


The Raven was an upgrade to a classic bot that defined the meta back in its day; the Griffin. Although it's release was too late for it to see much competitive play it still has its niche uses. It's more of a fun bot because of its ability but since it can cross long distances relatively fast it can see some fringe play in FFA. A fun bot but definitely not a permanent stay in any competitive hangar.

-Max HP MK2 189,600

-Max Speed 44 k/h

-Ability jump x 2


Kumiho used to be the premier beacon runner when it was released. Along with the other two dash bots kumiho and its Korean companions ruled the meta, being the most mobile bots ever released at the time. It has above average speed and a dash ability that has an extremely low cool down but it mounts two medium weapons which leaves it lacking in the damage and utility category. Kumiho can still be effective in the right situations but these days it struggles to make a difference on the battlefield consistently.

-Max HP MK2 180k

-Max Speed 60 k/h

-Ability Dash x 2


Lancelot is a living relic, reflecting how this game used to look in the past. The pace of the game was slow and big lumbering bots with shields and bulkiness ruled. The Ancilot was a feared bot in its day but now struggles to make a difference in the battlefield. Theres is too much mobility and firepower now for this fossil to excel. It can still play some niche rolls as a sniper but there are bots much better suited for that.

-Max HP MK2 218k Shield front 171,600 Shield side x 2 122,400

-Max Speed 30 k/h

-Ability Rush +66% for 10 seconds


Hover is in a weird spot in the meta as it has a high skill cap. To most pilots its underwhelming and lacks the protection that all the meta bots possess these days. It has an above average HP and Speed stat but its ability leaves it very vulnerable. Hover can be an easy kill sometimes, and at others it can be extremely devastating. Beware of these robots because its impact on the battlefield is based almost completely on its pilot.

-Max HP MK2 228k

-Max Speed 60 k/h

-Ability jump with a slow descent

This concludes this meta guide for update 4.5 I can only hope it brought some insight on your journey through the War Robots battlefield. Always remember that guides like these are just

s. At the end of the day you should play the bots that maximise your experience of fun in the game. Happy hunting everyone!

Vorinklex signing out….

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