Young art talent in AuroraNovaClan

SoundWave ( Aurora Nova iOS )

Our family of war robots clans has a discord server (AuroraNovaClan) where we hang out, exchange ideas on different topics and have fun. Some of our younger members have developed their artistic talents in leaps and bounds, and we’d like to introduce a few of them starting with SoundWave.

She’s proficient in traditional anime drawing techniques and is now exploring the exciting overlap of traditional pencil drawing combined with digital effects.

Here is her story:

Please tell us a little about yourself

Hello! I'm Waave from AuNv. I've been in the Aurora Family for half a year. I'm happy to be here since it's my first clan in War Robots. Anyways, when I entered their discord, I remember curiously scrolling through the channels. When I found the artists' colony channel, I got up from my seat and grabbed my iPad to share my art. It was exciting for me since other people online were seeing it. Throughout some drawings I posted, I got good feedback which helped me improve quickly. It still impresses me how fast I got from point A to B. Overall, I appreciate the people who helped me in what I would call my "art journey."

What attracted you to drawing and painting in the first place?

Well, in my 3rd grade year, I would always draw for fun. It wasn't all the best. I never even knew what I was even drawing at times. Until in 4th grade, I met a girl (who soon was my best friend) who got me into anime. So, I threw away my old styles of drawing and started working on drawing anime. Again, it wasn't the best because I was still a beginner. Though, slowly but surely, I got the hang of it after a few years. So to sum it up, I didn't know about anime when I was little. The whole reason how I got into this art style is because of my friend.

What mediums do you like the most?

I mostly prefer paper and pencil because it has more "resistance," my pencil doesn't slip and slide easily. Digital art is okay to me but, I only use it if I want to put effects on my drawings. Other than that, I rarely do digital art.

How often do you draw?

If it's from a scale of 1-10, I'd say eight because it helps me relax. Another reason if I see something I want to practice drawing, I do so. There would also be many times where I want to gift some art to a friend or family member.

Where do you find inspiration?

I'd usually find inspiration on the internet or when I'm listening to music. Sometimes even thumbnails of music videos inspire me to draw. Overall, out of all the places I find inspiration is mostly outdoors because every time I look at a landscape, I would get this feeling. It's like excitement mixed with interest. So I would take a photo of that landscape and sketch it while adding a character.

Do you have any artists whose work you admire?

I have a lot of artists whose work I admire. If I had to choose the top three, they would be @inplick on Twitter, @mitsumayo on Instagram, and @yenkoes on Instagram. Since their drawings all taught me important things about digital and traditional art.

What sort of techniques do you use?

In traditional art, I don't have many techniques because I always freehand draw the character. After all, in my opinion, sketching the anatomy first makes it harder to look clean in the end. Though in digital, I do the opposite. It's easier to clean up the unnecessary lines because digital doesn't leave any pencil marks on the paper.

Do you have any online resources for research and learning?

I don't have many resources for where I get my information because I mostly look at photos and use them as references. Although, I do have two YouTubers I used to take in info. One is an animator called "Emirichu," and the other is just a tutorial artist named "Mkiss L VARTIST."

Do you have any ambitions for your work?

My greatest ambition for my artwork is to be an anime artist though, for something more realistic, I would go for a graphic designer. They don't sound alike but, I think of it as I can both be creative.

My conclusion

My art adventure so far is very enjoyable. It's relaxing and lets my mind wander throughout the world of creativity. I definitely would attempt to pursue my dream as an anime artist and if I don't make it, I will always be happy with it as a hobby because you know what they say, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars."-Les Brown.

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